How to create a Good e-Learning Course?

The strategies to be kept in mind while designing e-learning course

The biggest problem that designers of e-learning content face is how to engage learners with the content. In doing so, they must not only be successful in keeping the audience motivated enough to complete the course they have created. But should also make them enjoy learning the skills and knowledge set before them.

Following are some of the methods that designers must keep in mind to create an efficient e-learning course material:

Enable learners to participate

If learning is done actively rather than passively, it is more effective. The best way to make learning active is to make the audience participate. By doing so, they shall be able to experience what they are actually learning for themselves.


Proceed step-by-step

Creating associations can help learners by a great deal in remembering details. The most logical way is to take the learners from one concept to the next keeping in mind their strength on previously learned knowledge. In that way, the learners shall not be just reading random bits of content.

Engage learners in a conversation

Learning programs are always successful whenever the target audience is engaged directly. This can be done by using first and second person language, i.e. using ‘I’ and ‘You’ while communicating. Using characters to create such a conversation can further yield better learning as compared to other programs with formal language.

Motivate the target audience

Motivation can sometimes be a bigger factor than IQ while learning a new skill. The ability to achieve can often lead the learners to push their limits and go that extra mile. The best way is to test the learners and acknowledging their achievements.


Pictures are better than words

More often it is seen that countless pages of notes doesn’t help much. Although words are necessary to communicate with the learners, but to have a better understanding of the content, visual media and pictorial representation is a much better option.

One of the major aspects that the designers must keep in mind while designing an e-learning course is not to be over ambitious in their very first project. Initially, they may have great ideas on how to engage their target audience, but when they realize that those ideas require hefty budgets and long production time, they get discouraged. So, one must focus on what they could do best with the available resources.